Plagiarism Policy


All articles submitted to the MJSSH will be checked using the Cross Check powered by iTHENTICATE plagiarism detection software.


A specific process is followed to manage a case of plagiarism. The MJSSH follows the guidelines contained in the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) flowcharts (

In the case of suspected plagiarism in a published article:

  • The person who advised us of the situation is informed about the process to be followed.
  • The articles are compared to check the degree of copying.
  • All Editors of the MJSSH are informed and asked for their comments.
  • The corresponding author of the article in question is contacted with documentary evidence of the case of plagiarism and is asked for a response.
  • If the authors are found guilty of plagiarism
    • The editor of the journal in which the original plagiarized article was published and the authors of the plagiarized article are informed
    • The MJSSH publishes an official retraction of the paper
    • The online version of the  article is withdrawn
    • The MJSSH will not publish any article by any of the authors concerned for a period of 3 years.


Rejection Appeals

Authors have the right to appeal editorial decisions. Appeals should be sent via e-mail to the Editor at [email protected] with a letter of appeal giving detailed explanations along with concise supporting arguments to substantiate the request.  Appeals are then sent to a member of the Editorial Board for consideration. If successful, an appeal can lead to the article’s review being resumed, and the article may ultimately be published following any revisions the Board feels are necessary. However, if the appeal is rejected, then the original rejection decision is to consider. Please note, we must receive your appeal within 14 calendar days.